We are pleased to be working with Cambridge Cognition to support sponsors developing CNS products and abuse-deterrent formulations. Given the importance of the human abuse liability study in the interpretation of overall abuse potential (or deterrence), we need to be confident that study results are reliable and accurate. With an appropriately designed study and a platform such as CTIS-AL, we can be increasingly assured that the data are of high quality and can be meaningfully interpreted.

Cambridge Cognition is a world leading provider of computerized cognitive assessment products. The company's range of touchscreen CANTABtm neuropsychological tests, highly validated over one thousand peer-reviewed publications, are used extensively by scientists in academic research, and in the pharmaceutical industry, to accelerate the development of drugs that are safe and effective for mental health.

The Company has quickly established a leading position in computerized assessment of Human Abuse Liability, now leveraging a new product on the recently launched cloud-computing platform, Cantab Connect, for pharmaceutical companies to conduct enhanced Abuse Liability studies on an iPad.

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Altreos Research Partners Inc is pleased to announce that it has entered into a formal strategic partnership with DL Global Partners Inc. The DL Global principals, Dr. Ed Sellers and Dr. Myroslava Romach are recognized scientific and opinion leaders in abuse potential assessment and CNS clinical pharmacology offering extensive regulatory and industry expertise.

The combining of service capability and experience of DL Global Partners and Altreos will offer clients a wider range of services and greater depth and breadth in the areas of CNS drug development. The two companies can work closely together to ensure that clients get the best service in a timely and cost effective way. At all times clients can have the opportunity to access all services of the two companies irrespective of which company they contact first.